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Nothing Gold Can Stay Nothing Gold Can Stay

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Interesting to see that someone else remembers the poem. Our English teacher had us read "The Outsiders" aloud in class in 10th grade, and that poem has stuck with me for 35 years since.

This is almost painful to watch, as an animal lover, because it focuses a lens onto the neglect when we think of animals as nothing more than decoration. Art is defined by its ability to make us feel, and in that regard you have certainly succeeded.

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railtoons responds:

Thank you for your thoughtful, well-articulated review. 'The Outsiders' was my absolute favourite book when I was a teenager, so I'm really happy to see someone picked up on the reference to Frost's poem there. Your analysis is spot-on, too. Thanks for the kind words.

Stay gold, Syschrusher!

Cadaver Cadaver

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I did not expect an animated character to touch my heart the way the cadaver did. You have explored deep emotions and internal conflict with grace and sensitivity. Very, very well crafted.

Big Things Big Things

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A simple story line, but well told visually. Nice work on the facial expressions on the...well, whatever that pink thing is. I also was impressed that you managed to make the armored character expressive, which is a real challenge without a visible face.

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Rathunas - Hidden Grace Rathunas - Hidden Grace

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This piece has so many layers that it takes several passes to appreciate them all -- and yet they blend perfectly so it does not feel at all cluttered or distracting.

The horns, and the carefully-applied SFX, make this piece absolutely sparkle.

Those who have not heard this piece in the context of the overall Rathunas work may not appreciate just how magnificently Chris has blended this piece alongside not only his own other Rathunas tracks, but also those of collaborating composer Pedro Almeida. The piece stands on its own as a beautiful artistic work, and yet it clearly joins its siblings within the fabric of the overall artistic vision.

Well done!

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Brothers of Honor Brothers of Honor

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

What a wonderful piece. I hesitate to label it "epic", although it certainly is that, because I fear overusing the word with your work.

The first few bars, for some reason, feel Romanesque to me, which I find really works well here. I listened to the piece three times, and each time noticed further subtleties I had not detected before.

The final crescendo was done in a way that otherwise might have seemed unsupported, coming out of nowhere, but there is something about the cadence with which you deliver it here that makes it not only work, but work extremely well.

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Doswidanja Rodina Doswidanja Rodina

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Once again, you demonstrate your depth as a composer with this intricate work. The Russian Choir piece from HFRO is one of my favorite cinematic melodies, and you have produced here a worthy companion.

My only (very small) critique is that the first minute felt a little bit compressed to me in dynamic range. I don't know if you were holding back to allow more building, but the level seems to be very steady until that first transitions at about 0:45 and 1:05. There is plenty of room at the lower levels to give it more dynamics without encroaching into the crescendo spaces. I think this would not have been my observation except for the fact that the remaining 2/3 of the piece is so wonderfully dynamic.

One aspect I find admirable here is that the middle section is thematically consistent and yet not repetitious. I have found in some classical works a tendency to begin well and end well, and to leave the middle as just the "potatoes" on the musical plate. Instead of bland potatoes, you have given us a seasoned helping of wild rice in the middle! It is unusual for me to say this, but I find the middle section actually to be my favorite part after several play-throughs.

Again, a wonderful work, and I commend you on a most worthy achievment that can stand alongside the piece that inspired it!

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SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot scott for another nice review :) Well maybe the first minute with the choir standing on its own may sound a little bit more compressed because i had to push it a little bit in volume because otherwise the piece would have had too much dynamic range from pppp to ffff :D Even i personally dont have a problem with that many people out there hate it to have to turn down and up the volume while listening. So i raised the choir part in volume and also slightly compressed the track.
I am glad you noticed that i always try not to be repetitive. In many cases a repetition would be the easier way and sometimes i guess any composer just wanted to make a faster progress while composing. Well - i always try to resist this impulse and find a way for a musical evolvement of the track. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesnt :D

Thank you very much scott for leaving your thoughts here. Highly appreciated!